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Combining clinically proven medication with natural vitamins and minerals, the Treatment relieves the discomfort of razor bumps and
calms irritated skin.

- R. Martin Earles, MD

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We also offer a personal shaver that does not produce ingrown hairs.
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No-Bumps razor bump preventer will do just that...prevent razor bumps on your sensitive skin. No more ugly red bumps. You will look beautiful at the beach and for your partner. Imagine, never getting ingrown hairs again...

The condition of razor bumps is caused by a curved follicle (hair) tip curving back and penetrating the skin. The curved hair grows in an arch rather than a straight line. Curving back towards the skin, the follicle pierces the dermal layer and becomes ingrown. Freshly shaven skin is especially prone to razor bumps because the hair has been cut at a sharp spear angle, priming it for re-entry. Waxing and tweezing also can create razor bumps as hair is plucked deeply below the skin, thus increasing the probability of the hair getting trapped as it attempts to grow back out of the skin. This treatment will not only get rid of the bumps you have now but it will also prevent those ugly red shaving bumps from coming out!

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No Bumps is the best razor bump prevention and treatment lotion on the market.
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